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Going to Houghton Lake. Need Advice.

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I've never ice fished Houghton Lake before... actually I've only ice fished once before. Anybody gonna be at Houghton Lake New Year's Eve or New Year's day that can show me the ropes?

I have
6 tip ups.
2 ice fishing poles
30lb. braided line (that black stuff)
misc. stuff
6" ice auger

We (the family and I) are going to stay at the Comfort Suites. Maybe we could hook up for a few minutes and someone could save me a lot of aggrivation. Just the basics, would be fine.

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I would try in the bay to the right of the Inn. You should be able to get gills and pike out of the same area. We did really well in the soft water out there, about 6 FOW. Try wax worms, spikes or mousies for the gills, minnows for the eyes and crappie, and some 4-6" minnows ( I like the blues) for the pike. Most of pike in HL are on the smaller side, so stay away from the foot long suckers for bait.

Get yourself some 12# florocarbon line and tie some leaders about 8' long. You'll get alot more hookups than with the braided line. Bring a gaff, you never know what you are going to hook. If you aren't hitting fish, move around till you find them. Watch out for the micro perch....they will clean you out of bait pretty quick.!!

Good luck!
Thanks for the tips. I'll give it a shot!
Check with Lymans for whats hitting and where, they normally have good information. Pike are hitting off the south launch, you won't have to walk far, and you may hit some gills in the same area. Follow the crowds, they will show you where to fish.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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