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Going To Ground

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I posted this on another thread but did not have much luck, so I thought some of you houndsman might be able to help.

I purchased a Jagdterrier for tracking deer and groundwork, and saw on a post that it is illegal to disturb an animal in its place of dwelling (den ect...). Most situations that this dog will be involved with are nuiscance critters if that even makes a difference. Can anyone tell me what the rules are on going to ground with a dog for **** and Chucks. This dog of mine is full of game and it would be shame if he could not perform the tasks that he is bread for.
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thats correct you cannot disturb any animal in its den...that means in a tree or a hole in the ground...
The following passages from the 2003-2004 Michigan Hunting & Trapping Guide are the only two that refer to the interference of/with animals in dens, nests, etc....

Under Fur Harvester rules
It is illegal to: Molest or disturb the house, hole, nest, burrow or den of a badger, beaver, mink, muskrat or raccoon, whether occupied or not, or molest or destroy a beaver dam, except under a DNR Wildlife Damage Investigation and Control Permit.

Under Other Hunting rules
It is illegal to: Use snares, traps, cages, nets, pitfalls, deadfalls, spears, drugs, poisons, chemicals, smoke, gas, explosives, ferrets, weasels or mechanical devices other than firearms, bows and arrows or slingshots to take wild birds or animals, except as provided by trapping rules or special permit.
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