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Go Figure.......

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I had the boys out this morning at a portion of the Holly SRA. Wouldn't you know it, but as soon as I let them off leash, they lock up right in front of me. That's Bogie up front and Grady sort of backing. I moved in to kick up a single grouse.

Here they both locked up on what ended up to be a small little covey of grouse. Grady up front and Bogie pointing. Not staunch or the prettiest of points, but they find birds.

We followed a few of the singles to the swamps and tracked them down - at least Grady thought so (that's him in the middle and Bogie on the left):

I was able to sneak in as Grady pointed another single:

Here is Grady taking a breather:

We were able to knock a few down during the season, but I tell you, today was pretty exciting. Both of my boys worked well and pointed a bunch of birds. I am just glad that I had my camera this time to capture the moment.
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