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glow sticks for perch

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may be a dome ques but has anyone tried droping a glow stick att to a sinker after dark to get the perch. good luck to all
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I think when the perch stop biting after dark its only because they settle to the botton and don't move. It might strech the bite for the ones that are there?
thanks ed. im going to try it saterday, ill post the results
My brother-in-law does that for walleye in the evening. But he says he'll leave them in the hole, come back to his hole in the morning and it will be holding fish. I haven't gotten to the "glow stick" store yet, but I'm gonna try it.
I assume you plan on tying a line to the glow stick so you can pull it up when you are done and not litter...Let us know how it works!
trust me nothing p%$$#& me off more than people who litter. i will be sure to post the results
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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