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Hey gang!

I've been a super amateur hunter since I was young but over the last few years, I've really developed a love for the being in the woods, staying off the couch, and playing outside!

I'm looking at getting into bow hunting (I shot a Hoyt PowerMax recently and I can't stop thinking about those tight groupings!). I've, admittedly, been lurking through some threads and there is an unfathomable amount of information posted throughout this site. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the good info on bows, wildlife management, hunting and scouting public lands - it's all great info! I look forward to reading more and more as my future hobby undoubtedly becomes an obsession!

I'm in the Traverse City area and am curious what shops and shooting areas anyone can recommend. I've come across the Total Archery Challenge and that sounds like a good bit of fun!

Anyway - I'm looking forward to meeting people and getting more involved in hunting and advocating our great outdoors!

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