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gills in monroe co. 1/24-25

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saturday from 1-6pm and tonight from 3:30-6pm fished a marina here in monroe county with a buddy. yesterday caught well over 100 gills and 1 nice crappie. we each kept about 20 bigguns. today fished a little later and did about the same - about 75 gills and we each kept about 15 large ones. fish were caught on pink and black ice flies with red and chartreuse eurolarvae that i ordered wholesale (highly recommended). fished in about 5 FOW and fish were tight to the bottom - two inches too high from bottom and no fish, drop it down and wham every time. mossed alot of little ones...nonstop action. almost a foot of ice.
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nice ! - let me know if you need any new fishing buddys in that marina ...
Awesome thanks for the report. Ive gotta try the pink combos.
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