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GillGitter here

I Found this site last Fall when I was getting the Ice Fishing Itch.

I come from a family that does enjoy the great outdoors much. My Mom and Dads idea of "roughing" it is when the ice machine wont work at the Holiday Inn. I'm thinking I might have been "switched at birth". LOL

I don't hunt, just fish. I am self taught (what little bit I know) and I fish about 90% of the time by myself. My 10 yo Daughter comes with me once in a while. I have two older step-sons (24 and 22) the older one is married the younger is still at College (Albion) where he is on the football team. The boys don't want much to do with fishing. (afraid they'll get their hands dirty or mess up the gell in their hair)

In the Summer I like Bass fishing at sunup with top water poppers and then anchoring my boat by a weed bed and tossing worms at Bluegill with an ultra light rod/reel later in the morning. Another thing I started doing last year that I really enjoyed was letting the wind and currents drift me across Anchor Bay while dragging a crawler harness behind me catching whatever is biting. I also love ice fishing for BlueGill but I haven't got out much this year.

In the fall I have coached youth league football for the last 14 years but I think last year was it for me. My daughter is still a cheerleader (see avatar) so I'll still be around some I guess, but the grownups have taken the fun out of coaching. To many parents think the whole program should be designed to showcase their kid. Next stop.....NFL bypass the whole High School- College thing. I once had a dad ask me if I thought his kid who was 12 at the time was good enough for a college scholarship or should he plan on paying for the kids college himself.

Anyhow, this site is pretty cool and the folks here are all nice. I got to meet Patch and a couple others at the LSC outing this year. I wish I coulda made more of the outings but there is always next year.

My production at work sure has gone to he!! since if became a member here and Mrs Gillgitter sure don't believe what site I'm really on in the evenings.:D

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"I am self taught (what little bit I know) and I fish about 90% of the time by myself."

I hear ya. My Dad taught me the basics for bass and bluegill, but the rest I have had to find on my own by either reading or fishing with others on this site.

Most of my friends don't go outside, let alone fish, so I usually go alone. Sometimes its better that way....peace and solitude.

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