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4 FFD Elite Series Canada Looker decoys, in the 4-slot bag: (non-motion) $125.00 for the set & bag.
These are $164.99 plus shipping in Cabela's catalog.

2 dozen FFD Elite Series Canada Actives, in 6-slot Avery bags: $175.00 per half dozen.
These are $219.99 plus shipping in Cabela's catalog.

4 Canada Looker Pro-grade (non-motion) and 2 active Hunter series decoys in 6-slot Avery Bag $150
These are $124.99 for just the lookers. For the active hunter series they are appr.$23 a piece. 6 slot bags are $44.99 plus shipping in cabela's catalog.

These decoys we're only used two times in the field and we got them in october of '06'. Please contact me with any questions. Pics available if needed.
Thanks, Amanda.

P.S. check out my decoy trailer for Sale also!! - See More Here: http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=7021
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I replied to your intial post on the Bigfoots and you guys never replied...are they still for sale?
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