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Getting new waders

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Put a small hole in my boot last season on my neos and patched it for the last weekend, but I do not like running around with a patch determining how my day will go. So, it is time to take the plunge and get some breatheables.

It seems like there are some decent deals right now, like Rogers Elite for 229, and I am wondering if this is going to be as good as the sales get, or if they get better further into summer. I am also considering waiting until July and buying the new Avery Heritage old-school pattern waders, but I am sure the price will be in a different realm than these Roger's waders. But man, I have a serious fetish for the old school pattern.

Let me hear your thoughts, what waders you like, if you find any good deals.
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My next pair will be the High and Dry brand waders.

Check em out. They are expensive, but I've heard great reports. One from an Arkansas Duck guide who claims three seasons and still going strong. That compared to all the "duck" brand waders that are junk for the most part. My cabelas breathables just but the dust after 3 years of very light use.

I will fix them with some 3m 5200. Supposed to be some good stuff for wader repair.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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