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Genos and Metro back basin catch 1/30

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Went out of Genos at first light. Used the vexilar out there with the deeper water. Marked quite a few about 100 yards past the brown shanty in 9 1/2 feet of water. Only got 3 perch: one 9", one 10" and one 11 1/2". Went out to over 11 feet at the last group of people and never marked a fish...Came back to where I was and got 3 more 10". Headed in at 10:00 with 6 fish on wigglers...
Went to the boat launch at Metro, very slow with just dinks. Went behind the island and hit the jackpot!!! In a little more than 2 hours, got 33 keepers between 7 1/2 and 10 1/2 inches. Constantly had fish in the hole on the Vexilar. Got my first few on wigglers, then got some on perch eyes. Then switched to small pieces of minnow and all hell broke loose. Would have limited out in probably another hour...Hands were freezing, had to quit at 1:30. Fish were still biting. Aggressive fish coming up as much as 4 feet off the bottom chasing the bait. I was in 9 feet of water.
My final catch: 39 keepers... 5 at 7 1/2", 25 between 8-10", and 9 over 10"...Good size fish for the back basin this late in the year...Finally the skunk is off!!!:D
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Great report Conner!! Thinking of heading out there tomorrow morning to give it a try!! anyone else heading over that way would be welcome to fish with!
Just to let everyone know that I ran into Connor4501 while he was coming of the ice and I didn’t know who he was at the time I was trying to get some general info on the fishing and I would like to say that Connor4501 was one of the nicest persons that I’ve ran into in a while. The information was plenty and straightforward. I would like to say thanks Connor!!!! I did take your advice but didn’t fair so well but that’s how it go’s.
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I would agree Lawnboy

I fished with him a couple of weeks ago, he's a good guy.

Tin Can (Eric)
Great report! Im thinking of trying there tomorrow
as well but not sure where it is.
If your goin pm me where and when. I'll be there!!!!
Great job Connor!!!

We were out of Walpole again,,, a little further to land because of the shanty line up,,,,, we figured they were hittin close,,,, the no soner dropped repella, with an anniset & a red spike,, and the were everywhere.... then blank!!! Caught 20 7 of which were keepers,,, and the best part is that I had a HOG,,, and the basterd broke my brittle line & took my best repella,,,,, oh well, My husband thinks that he has still caught the biggest so far,,,,,, his....11...... mine,,,,11.25

PRICELESS!! Good LUCK ALL THIS WEEKEND,,,, CATCH THE HOG!!! :D and ps.... Im new here and I dont know how 2 retrieve my messages,,,, still lookin 4 ward 2 the 1 from Kody!!!!

Fish kisses & luck 2 all
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How exactly do you get behind the island at metro? Sounds like a consistant spot?
Nice job on the fish conner...prospecting is all part of the game!!! I hope to get some more for dinner next week.

Hey ifnz.. Were you on the reservation?? How much is a liscense run now?? I used to fish over there with my dad years ago and have though about trying over there..

Metro basin is at the metro park..Stay to the left as you enter the park and then park back by the boat launh or in the main lot on the N side...Just follow the beaten path!
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It’s on the other side of the North marina across the island in that big bay.

Just a word of caution…that cannel that connects the north and south marina is very unsafe ice most of the year. This is were the parking lot drain is.
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