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Geno's 2-18

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Hello All,

I have been reading your posts for quite a while and finally joined so I can participate in this awesome forum.

Yesterday, I took my 14 year old son out to Geno's for the late bite hoping for some jumbos and walleye. A friend gave me coordinates for a shallow spot where he had done well a few days ago so we started there. We were just west of Geno's less than a 1/4 mile out in about 4 feet of water. Nothing there but dinks so we moved about halfway to the pack to about 8 feet of water. Fish were active but nothing over 7 inches so we headed out to the far edge of the pack around 5:30.

Water was too milky to see bottom, but the fish were fairly active and we ended up with 6 jumbos and another 8 under 8 inches. I'll post a pic of the fatter ones once I figure out how to do it. I was using swedish pimples tipped with wigglers and minnows and a marmooshka tipped with a minnow and my son was using Ken's hooks tipped with jensen's eggs, wigglers or minnows. We were experimenting out there, but the fish were hitting everything. I really like the swedish pimples for that depth. We were of the ice at 8 and never hooked any eyes, but we still had a great time.

Hope to see you guys out there soon!


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Welcome to the site RBF. Thanx for the report.

Some of the fatter ones and some my youngest threw on the counter to keep them company(?). :)
Hope this works.
Other pics I have seen posted on this forum have been displayed larger even though the pixel sizes are comparable. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for helping out!
Friend and I fished wednesday in the middle of the pack from noon till dark, caught 5 only but had a great time. We usually fish lake erie for walleye but thats out for us this year. Hopefully we found a new place to go, the ice up here is great!! Does it usually stay through march? We are also use to using ice spreaders with minnows, any suggestions from the pros out there on something better? Also what radio are you guys using to talk to each other? Would love to get in with you great people and share info. Hey my buddy caught something that scared us out the shanty, kinda looked like an eel with legs,about 12'' long. Thanks for any info and hopefully get to meet some of you out there, Good luck to all!!!
Welcome to the site!

Those are some nice fat fish you have there.

Ice is usually good through March, even into early April.
Just be cautious and sensible about where you go and look to this site for updates and conditions.

Tight lines!!

-LB :)

Click on the photo once you get into your gallery and then copy the url of the larger photo.

Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site Hiddenlake. That ugly thing you pulled up. Is a mudpuppy. It is actually a salamander . They are harmless and should be released unharmed. I just wish I was there to see the look on your face when you pulled it out.
hey hiddenlake, welcome to the site. the radios that we use to talk to each other are the FRS type walkie talkie/2-way radios. They go from cheap to not quite pricey. Case in point, I got my motorola T5420 for 10 bucks on sale, and it works really well. There are many other companies that make them as well, Uniden, Panasonic, Bell South, Cobra, etc. etc. etc. I've always stuck with motorola though (i figure since my phone is pretty indestructable they must make some decent radios).

There is both a channel and a subchannel (or privacy code) available on most of the radios. Since not all of them have this feature, we use channel 7 code 0 since this will work with ones that don't have the feature, just channel 7.

I'll see ya or talk to ya on the lake sometime.

Thank you for making the picture appear larger, Gunrod. How did you do it? I would like to post them properly so that they appear that way each time.
the URL (address of the picture) you used to post the picture was of actually the thumbnail of the original picture. If you click on the thumbnail, the full size picture will come up, use that img tag. Other than that you got it right.

HA HA, Thanks for the info on the mudpuppy Ed, my name is Tim and you were right, if you would have seen my buddy's face when he brought that in it would have won the money for best video. Great place you guys got here. Hopefully see you out there this year. Again thanks!!
Sorry Ed, forgot to tell you the mudpuppy was released unharmed, my buddy Huss looked at me and said ''get it'' I said you caught you get it, at that time the mudpuppy released the hook and said ''bye rookies'' right down the hole he went. How big do them things get?
Steve, thanks alot on the info for the radio. Have been reading alot about you good people and wondering about the radio's you were using. Will go out tomorrow and get me one. My name is Tim and hopefully Sunday Huss and myself will talk to you. Long drive from toledo and wont be out there till at least noon. Have any of you tried the walleye bite off camp perry on lake erie? This year was no good for us but i'll tell ya when the ice is good it cant get any better. Would like to show you guys some of the good times there, last year we caught 12 and 10 pounders and limited everytime we went. Unsafe ice for us this year, kinda glad cause now we found a new place with good people. Thanks again and talk to you all sunday.
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