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Gear upgrade

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So about 12 years ago I bought some cheap shimano trolling rods and magna reels with the intention of them possibly not lasting too long. The rods are cheap and tend to loosen up the reel seats whenever they feel like it, but they still catch fish, with zip tied reels and all. I'm kinda in the market for new rods, and maybe reels, if I can find a good deal. What's everyone running these days? I've always liked the ugly sticks but I'm not sure if they're as durable as the old ones were. For reels I don't know where to go, I've never lost a walleye to my cheapos that I have now but there's things I just don't like about them.

I'm not looking to spend a ton of money on them but want nicer more durable then I have now.
What say all you guys?
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How much for the old ones? [emoji16]

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Ugly sticks with diawa reels. Might not be the prettiest but they are durable and get the job done.
I doubt I'll sell the old stuff, just keep them around as extras
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This setup has been solid on walleye a few years now. No issues at all. Size15 convector line counter with 7' classic pro trolling rods.
Got tired of switching salmon gear around, finally caught a good sale after watching for a while.
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Same as jimbo 09 Diawa and ugly sticks have been good for me.
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Same for me 6’ one piece Ugly Sticks and Diawa 17LC’s’. I take a lot of rookies out and the shorter rods are much more forgiving. When reaching for boards shorter rod is more efficient. Easier to net fish with shorter rod when by yourself. I could go on and on....
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X3 on the Diawa ugly stick combos
I use the 17lc diawas and the 6ft ugly stick gx2s. Good combo probably a middle of the rd setup, you sure can spend a lot these days but it's just a walleye not a halibut.
I have 2-6'6" gx2s and I'm not the biggest fan of them, the extra 6" makes it a little more pia netting a fish by yourself.
$55 for the reel I believe, the rod is probably $25-30 but you might be able to find them as a combo at Frank's tho
Fish On!

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Franks had combos priced at $69.99 with the Daiwa reels spooled with big game 10lb and wilderness rods. The same reels with ugly sticks were $89.99, both ready to fish. I picked up 4 of them.

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I have the okuma great lakes classic pro for my dipsy and copper rods with convector reels for salmon gear and really like them. But I have wilderness rods and accudepth reels on my downrigger setups and really like those. Nice to hear guys like the same lighter stuff for walleye.

Thanks for all the input guys! I think we'll go shopping tomorrow and maybe do a little scouting of the ditches too. And probably just have to stop at the VI for an olive burger and frosty beers...
We run 7’mh ugly sticks with 47lc reels. A little overkill for eyes but got a smoking deal on them and they pull double duty for steelhead and salmon. The wilderness rods are good aswell. Have a bunch of those for leadcores.
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