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Furandhides will be stopping in Corunna this Saturday at 10:00 am.

There are other stops for him but This is the one close to me. Groenwalds route goes throughout michigan and there are several Fur Auctions sponsored by the MTPCA.

The MTPCA auctions:


Roger (Furandhides)
Posts from another thread with contact info:

Know that alot of guys looking for a place to sell. We buy unskinned, skinned, and dry. Forty years in the business, cash or check always good. [email protected], or phone 231-258-2677 Consolidated Fur, Kalkaska Long time member and supporter of the Mi. Trappers Assoc.. Will travel or make arrangements for larger numbers. Especially need 20,000 rats. I purchased 10,000 rats from Mi. trappers last season, order has been doubled.

Hey Mark, I will be buying in Corrunna at R & B Deer Processing on the corner of M-71 and Parmenter Rd., from 10 a.m. - at least 11 a.m on Sat. Nov. 28th. We may be there till noon, however, get there earlier, the response at that stop has been huge. I have actually allocated 2 hours to it, but don't miss me. We will hand out numbers. This is just a few blocks from where J.C. Moiles bought for many years. I will have stops at Jays in Clare on Fri. the 27th, Mt. Pleasant, Alma, St.Louis, and St. Johns. Following the stop in Corrunna on Sat. the 28th, I wil have stops in St. Charles. Saginaw, and end up in Bay City at the Meijers parking lot on Wilder Rd. later in the p.m.. Anyone interested in meeting up with me at any of these stops can contact me for details. Thanks. Roger

Groenwalds routes:

http://www.gfwco.com/2009_2010_Routes/List M-MI 480 through 496.pdf
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