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Funny Picture

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Just stumbled across this on the net... thought you all may appreciate it.

How dishwashers really work.
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I have the same model dishwasher as the one in the picture with just one difference - mine cannot distinguish between clean and dirty dishes.
I have the same problem, mine loves to help load and unload. . . she always tries to find the knife with some peanut butter still on it.
That's funny, every time we open the dishwasher our beagle comes runnin like it's dinner time.
When I was at the Mt Pleasant Humane Society/county lockup for dogs, I saw a pup identical to this one, just an FYI for anyone wanting to save a dog!
that is a cute pic, u have to love those little trouble makers
My Chessie thinks the dishwasher is a buffet....:rolleyes:
THat is to funny. My beagles would love to do that if I didn't keep my eyes on them.
LMAO!!!!! That's an awesome pic!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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