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Fuel line question

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last fall I gutted the hacked in wiring on our recently purchased smokercraft. Now we are going to put a new 9.9 kicker and looking into how to tie into the existing fuel line raised another question from a observation. The existing 150 does not have a fuel water separator. I have the Yamaha 10 micron one coming. Question is that could I use the 2nd outlet on the separator for the kicker or tee off the main line for the 150. Also if I come off separator to each do I need a check valve in each line? Thanks in advance.
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I have a Racor 120R-RAC-01 installed in my boat with one outlet to the main motor and one to a 15HP kicker. Never had any problem.


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Like Piketroller mentioned, I do have a primer bulb for each motor on after the filter.
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