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With the warm weather I just had to play hooky, and fished from about 12:30 until dark, launched off Harley Ensign. Only one dock was left. Went 3 for 3: 2 muskies, about low 30s inches and 40ish inches, and a smallish pike in the low 20s inches. Nice, healthy looking fish. Have a couple pics of the bigger one in the water I might post, but no time now. May have had another short strike or 2, but not sure.

Muskies were caught close to the Clinton River mouth, and the pike was out further between the point and Strawberry island in a spot that's been productive. All caught on 10 inch Nils (perch for the muskies, chub for the pike) run about 3mph. No action faster, slower, or with any of the other baits I ran.

The warm spell warmed up the water in the river, so the water temp varied from 47 in the river to about 44 out from the point to 48 further out. I'm sure that will change a lot soon. Water was very stained in the river, and a moderately clear, blue-green in the main lake. No floating weeds to speak of, but there were some patches of weeds near the point and the mouth of the river -- around where the fish were. Almost had the lake to myself: there were a few duck hunters, a couple pleasure boats, and what appeared to be one other musky boat.

Hope to get out some more if there are any days that are not too cold or windy. :fish:
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