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Friday- 400 Club

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Waited to about 11am to hit the water and that was the right call. Fished in and out of the dirty water moving farther south because of the wind. Ended up with 9 nice eater fish,, lost at least 4 or 5.... Fishing was the best around noon to 2pm. Stopped fishing around 4pm. Nice day to be out on the water and fish with my daughters boy friend...... He also caught a nice 10 lb musky.

Good luck to all tomorrow, I won't be able to make it tomorrow am....

Hope this helps, I know I've got alot of good reports from others.....

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Tightlines said:
:rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:

Help, I can't get this stupid thing to work...............
You have to "upload" the images to your picture gallery and then post them here. We can't see what's in your "Documents Folder" on your computer.
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Looks like you got it all figured out, ;) now lets go back out and get some more.
I will be out there this afternoon.:)
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