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Friday 2/27 on the Au Sable

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Got my fix! Made it up to the Au Sable on Friday for the first trip in over 2 months. Fishing wasn't stellar for me, but I did manage to hook a fat 8# hen early in the morning. After a fun battle and a lot of hen-style head shaking, I was finally able to work the fish around all the shelf ice and make a quick tail grab (Brrr...should have brought a net). Trudged through a lot of knee deep, crusty snow the rest of the day looking for a second hookup, but never found one. Focused mostly on slower water, drifting steelie spawn and waxworms. Switched back and forth between floats and bottom bouncing depending on my mood. Only fish of the day hit a bottom-bounced spawn sac. I also stopped by the dam and the pier, but didn't sound like they had much action at either location...one guy at the dam said he had one on for a short while, but that was it. Didn't see many other guys on the river Friday - overall, a nice peaceful day of fishing.
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thanks for the report,a fresh hen is always nice this time of year.
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