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Fri.(2-6) Geno's report...

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Late report........Went out of geno's 2-6. We were the first people out, or, the first two or three. Started walking at 6:20, it was ptch dark, seen a CAR on the ice in the PITCH dark, was worried it may hit us, but, it stopped. Got there, couldn't fish, was pitch dark, and we breaking our flasher, :( . Well, we started fishing a litttle before dawn. Nothing, until dawn, then, it was HOT for about 45 minutes, tehn, they just shut down at about 8, got 10 in the first 45 minutes, got about 4 or 5 after!!!! GOOD size, all but 2 were above 10, those two were 9 1/2. Got around 3 above 12, one moster 13 incher. All fish came on minnows and a vierity of small spoons. Fishing in about 11 or 12 FOW. We lost a few, i lost the bigger perch i EVER seen, i put a tubejig on, within a couple minutes, got a bite, BOOM, that thing was strippin the drag out!!!! HAd to be around 15 inches, lost it right at the hole!!!! The ONLY one i lost all day!!!! O, we moved at around 11, and ended up right next to mudpuppy!!!! It was pretty cool meeting him, he was doin about the same as us, hope the evening bite turned on for ya!!!! We ended with about 15 good perch, fished from 630 to 130, with most coming from 715-800am......

Dad with the big fish of the day, a 13 incher, and a nice 12 incher.

here is todays catch
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Almost forgot our M-S group pic with Mudpuppy.
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Man I'm sorry guys for not giving a reply sooner. Thanks a lot for the pic that's really cool, but not as cool as meeting you guys. It's really neat to put faces with names and meeting you guys and a few others out there the past couple weeks has been alot of fun. Good luck to you guys fishing and I hope the two boys land a couple15 inchers. No offence Dad......I hope you get the 16 incher !! :D :D :D :D

Take care guys.

Tight lines!! ;)
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