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Fresh rub

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I was pulling my maple taps last week and snapped this picture. It is a fresh rub, no more than a week old, at the time I took the picture. I had been visiting this spot every other day to harvest sap, and had not noticed it during my previous visits. There are at least two bucks in the area, and I didn't tag either of them during the 2003 season. So it looks like at least one made it through the winter. Looks like I'll have to meet up with him on October 1, 2004! ;)

The diameter of the branch is about 1.5" - 2" and the length of the rub is about 2.5 feet or so.

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They were still wearing their head gear last week here too Kroppe. Ive found alot of rubs that look pretty fresh lately but nothing that white. That must of been in the last 12 hours Id guess.
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