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Hunters Helping Soldiers is the fastest growing US Non-Profit hunting organization for Veterans . Our mission is simple to assist our US Veteans ( Combat , Disabled and combat Wounded ) by providing high quality hunting and fishing experiences in the great outdoors. This serves as two purposes , as a means of rehabilation and also as a way of showing our sincere thanks for all they have done for us.
Hunters Helping Soldiers has many programs for our US Veterans , Thease programs are a means to enhance physical and emotional healing through comradery as mentorship to help ease the transition from military life to civilian life and help families of returning combat and combat wounded as well as the families of mortally wounded soldiers cope with the challages they face .
Some of our programs are , The Veterans Conservation Program , Camo Kids , Dog Tags , Veterans Homeless Support , and our Veteran Shooting Teams . each program is centered around our U.S Veterans and fulfills a specific interest and need . All of our chapters are encouraged to integrate these pograms , as outdoorsmen and women H.H.S understands and accepts our responsibility to give back to the outdoors and our Veterans . To find out more about our programs and Hunters Helping Soldiers please vist our website at www.huntershelpingsoldiers.org
Hunters Helping soldiers is all funded through Sponsors and fundraisers by each chapter , Without great Volunteers and supporters H.H.S would not be able to help so many Veterans .H.H.S is always looking for more chapters and volunteers to carry one our mission . 100% of every dollar raised or donated to H.H.S is put towards mission , H.H.S has no paid members .
Hunters Helping Soldiers has recently started a new chapter in Kalamazoo , Michigan and we are very excited about this chapter , Chris Chambers the chapter chair already has hunts and fishing trips all over Michigan set up for our Michigan Veterans , Any Wounded , Combat or Disabled Veteran wishing to take advantage of these trips should sign up on the H.H.S website . Any Hunter , Veteran or supporter that wishes to volunteer with this chapter should contact chapter chair Chris Chambers at [email protected] or [email protected]
Please contact H.H.S to find out if there is a chapter or fundraiser in your area .

Dale Proud
Hunters Helping Soldiers
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