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Free storage system

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Hi folks !

I'm doing a major rework of my basement and I'm trying to clear some things out. I want to make room for a work bench down there. I've got an eight piece storage system that right now is right where I want to put my workbench. It consists of two cabinets that are 30"x60", one cabinet that is 30"x30", one drawer unit that is 30"x15", two shelf units that are 15"x30", and 2 drawer units that are 15"x15". They can stack in any configuration you want because it's all modular.

You can have them if you just come by and pick them up ! I'd just ask for maybe a $25 donation to the site. Drop me a line by email or PM and we can work out something. Here's a picture.

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Wished I lived closer. Can't ever have too many places for storage.
They're spoken for.

Thanks FIJI ! At this point he's getting them but if he changes his mind and doesn't take them, I'll post them again. So if you're interested, drop me a line and I'll put you on the list.
Howdy, John-

Man, I thought we had an understanding ! You were supposed to let us know before you post anything since we have been such good and loyal 'customers' in the past...:D

Seriously, if Mike bows out, please consider us.
Ya know Les, I had just thought of that when I got up this morning. I posted it last evening and the post had quite a few views but no replies. I got up this morning and fired up the computer and there were no replies yet. I was just gonna shoot you a PM and see if you were intereted. About 90 seconds later I got the PM from FIJI.

Oh well, sorry about that. If FIJI doesn't take them they're yours Les.
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And if they both back out you can let me know.

donation to the site on the way Steve !

BTW...there is a good possibility that I will not have room to actually use all the cabinets. It will take a few days for me to move things around and see what fits. If you guys are still interested, I'll post the "leftovers" from jpollman's generosity.

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