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Well the July vacation got moved to June. I haven't been replying back lately for two reasons, #1) I've been stuck in bed with a pressure sore, so my computer time is limited. And #2) I didn't think our vacation was going to happen as we didn't think we would be of a get the cottage at all.

I just found out today we can get our cottage, from June 17-24. And then, June 24-30 move next door with my brother for the second week. The second week and maybe a little more cramped, but I think it would still work out okay.

If anybody's interested in coming up and fishing with me and helping out, the dates would be June 17-30. If anyone is not sure what I'm talking about. Search for the following link: FREE July - 1 or 2 Week Fishing Trip in Lower Michigan, it wouldn't let me put a link in as I don't have 15 posts yet

One thing I neglected to mention in my original post is I would need additional help besides the fishing, such as lifting from bad to chair and back again and pushing me from the cottage to the lake and back, as I don't take my power chair on the boat. My dad can do some lifting, but being 72 years old, and also just having a stroke this past January, he and I would need some additional help. My brother can help pushing to the the lake and back, but has a bad back and can't do much lifting with me. I hope this doesn't scare anybody off.

If you're interested or just want some more information, either PM me your phone number and I'll give you a call since I've got free long-distance or feel free to give me a call at (574) 273-0842.

It was mentioned a while back by Kingfisher, on the Northern Indiana Fishing Site forum if you had exact dates we could have a sign-up sheet, I really wish I could have gotten this out sooner and hope it still works, but as I said above, I didn't think we're even going to get to go until today.

I hope we can get some people lined up to go up with us, because if not we won't be able to go.

Thanks in advance,
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