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fowlerville 2-21 evenin

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hit a local area lake with wild bill tonite we were on by 6 or so and off by 10 and had these to show for it. fish were everywhere and we marked them from bottom all the way up to 15 foot. the biters came in waves and were very aggresive when they did bite. we both ran teardrops with minnows and fished the same holes all nite.
biggest was 11 inches caught by bill
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We need to go on a quest for the bigger ones. I want to see some 12-13s bill. Come on. I'm sure I'll be hitting them up hard end of the week....this hot bite might last until we don't have any more ice. Seems to be more than enough 9 inchers but I'm ready for some slabs.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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