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Four Pre-Rapala Hot N Tots, Proceeds to site

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I have four Pre-Rapala Storm Hot-N-Tots. These are the original metal lipped Tot, made prior to when Rapala changed to a plastic lip.

Two HT07-003 black back with silver scale.

Two HT07-088 blue back, pearl belly, with ruby throat.

I'd like to sell them as a group of four, as I'll cover the postage.

$16 for all four, free shipping. Remember, that $16 is going to site to help keep the lights on and for that $16 dollar donation you'll get 4 lures!
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I'll give this one bump, if no interest, i'll send them to some soldiers overseas that have asked for fishing gear for their limited R&R.
They have been sold.
Got the donation. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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