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Founders RIS... My God I love the stuff...

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This PA guy LOVES this absolute top-shelf Russian Imperial Stout and many others from your fine state... Bell's Brewery in many varieties I have enjoyed over the years, and find it like Founders to be simply fantastic, world-class beers... Wanted to give a shout-out to MI for such great beer, and your amazing beer culture.

Been looking very hard at a move to MI, and believe me the great beer scene only helps with that potential outcome. Thanks.
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We sure are spoiled with all the great breweries around here, but still can't get Yuengling!
Victory brewing is real good you know, love me a sour monkey.

Monk's cafe in philly is the best beer bar in the world, also. Every business trip I have I make sure to get a beer or 3 there.
Founders and Bells are quite possibly my 2 absolute all time favorites.
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