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Ford Field Fishing Show

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Any of you guys heading to this show next week??? We are probably making a roady down there on wed. Cant beat it, aound $13 to get in and you can get your "summer" supply of chew!!! Sounds good there huh Jeff!!!
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yuppers.. goin durin the week... Big Boy has couplons for $2.00 off admission durin the week... i will be collecting the chew, lol, funny part is, i dont chew..... hmmmmmmmm, who to give it to?? lol
Trying for Thur.'s if work doesn't interfere . Had a great time there last year .
Hey Guys~ Bring 4 or 5 canned foods (or more), to donate to the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger program (MSAH), and get in the show FREE Wed and Thurs.

I should be at the MSAH booth on Wednesday, with a few other M-S members.....stop and say HI

was thinkin bout comin wednesday anyways so that sounds good.. will stop in and say hey... take care
I will be there Wed. when it opens slammer. Need to get to the Streak booth early. I have been known to visit the free dip locations. When you heading down slammer? I heard that some of the vendors were going to the Birch Run show instead of Ford Field. Not sure if that is fact or not.
At this point of the winter, any show is better than nothing.
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Anybody know what time the show opens on Wed??
Wed. & Thurs. - 2pm - 9:30pm , Fri. noon - 9:30 pm , Sat. -10:00am - 9:00 pm , Sun. - 10:00am - 5:00 pm .
Thanks HuRon!
I will have a large booththere for Dry Fly float Boats.

Stop by if you get a chance, would like to meet some of you "east side" guys.

I will be alone wed - fri but will try to stop over the toe MSAH booth and say hi.

I have some of Steve' s Michigan-Sportsman bumper stickers if you want one. Also will have Michigan - Sportsman hats and shirts available.
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Thanks Dry Fly. I will definately drop in to say "Hi" I will probably be there Fri when the doors open.
Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger.

We'll be se up at the main entrance collecting canned foods.

Hope to see you all.

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