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Howdy ya'll,

I had pretty much given up on putting in any plots this year, but somehow managed to squeeze in the time during July. Not planning ahead, I went to the nearest grain elevator and decided to give a couple different plot mixes a try that they had on the shelf. I'd bought my Kasco Vari-Slice seeder a year prior and never had a chance to use it then.

Overall, I was pleased with the results although germination varied from plot to plot with certain varieties growing better in some areas than others. Sorghum came in so thick in one area that it nearly drowned out everything else. Either way, it seemed the deer enjoyed them as I've had deer feeding in them any time I've sat near the plots. Boy, was it dusty out there, haha! Already planning on what I'll do differently next year Anyways, it'll give ya something to watch when you've got nothing else to do :)


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