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Food Plot Cost & Type

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My food plot will be in very sandy and wet terrian locate on the edge of a very large swamp in Roscommon Co. I imagine that the soil will need lots of lime to produce a proper PH.

Question 1 - What type of food works best for attracting deer during Oct.-Dec.?

Question 2 - How much money should I budget for a 1.5 acre plot?
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$85? WOW The last time I paid $26 a ton delivered and spread and I had to take a full truck 16 ton. I would say that they must make one heck of alot on trucking/spreading? LOL
Do alot of co-ops around you rent the large hoppers with spreaders? I do have access to a 14 ton dump truck for around 40 bucks. Its the spreading that I think would kill me though, any ideas on doing it your self if I could get it hauled pretty cheap, or do you think it is better just to be done with it and have them bring it and do all the work in like 10 min. ?
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