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Food Plot Cost & Type

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My food plot will be in very sandy and wet terrian locate on the edge of a very large swamp in Roscommon Co. I imagine that the soil will need lots of lime to produce a proper PH.

Question 1 - What type of food works best for attracting deer during Oct.-Dec.?

Question 2 - How much money should I budget for a 1.5 acre plot?
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joshua- I also had an 1 acre area that was really sandy. For the first 2 seasons, I planted winter rye back-to-back.

Have your seedbed prepared by early August.

Plant the winter rye by mid to late August. (Hopefully when expecting rain), then fertilize with Nitrogen

Watch the deer come!

After the first season of rye, again about August, disc it under (rye does a great job of reseeding itself).

Overseed with rye again. fertilize again.

Watch the deer come again.

Then disc under again the following year.

You now still have sandy soil, BUT it now contain alot of green manure, which really helps hold more moisture, and it is now ready for clovers, rapes, alphalfa, trefoils etc.

It's not expensive, but it isn't cheap either. And well worth the effort!
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