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Food Plot Cost & Type

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My food plot will be in very sandy and wet terrian locate on the edge of a very large swamp in Roscommon Co. I imagine that the soil will need lots of lime to produce a proper PH.

Question 1 - What type of food works best for attracting deer during Oct.-Dec.?

Question 2 - How much money should I budget for a 1.5 acre plot?
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For starters you should buy Ed Spinazzola`s book.


This will save you money in the long run. Ed has over 30 years experimenting with food plots in Michigan. Everything in the book has proven to work in Michigan.

Question 1: Brassica`s make a good late season plot. That was the simple answer, others can give you a better answer. Also read Ed`s book.

Question 2: Cost will depend on how much lime you need. Get a soil test. This will give you the amount of lime you need to add. Lime will probably be your greatest cost.
joshua- I also had an 1 acre area that was really sandy. For the first 2 seasons, I planted winter rye back-to-back.

Have your seedbed prepared by early August.

Plant the winter rye by mid to late August. (Hopefully when expecting rain), then fertilize with Nitrogen

Watch the deer come!

After the first season of rye, again about August, disc it under (rye does a great job of reseeding itself).

Overseed with rye again. fertilize again.

Watch the deer come again.

Then disc under again the following year.

You now still have sandy soil, BUT it now contain alot of green manure, which really helps hold more moisture, and it is now ready for clovers, rapes, alphalfa, trefoils etc.

It's not expensive, but it isn't cheap either. And well worth the effort!
First get a soils test to determine your lime and fertilizer needs.

This is the easiest and cheapest part of the food plot.

The last time I bought bulk AG lime I think I paid about $85.00 for 26 tons. Trucking costs will be extra if you don't have a way to haul it yourself.

I don't have any experience with sandy conditions but I've read lots of info about it on this site. Go back and start reading the threads from the begining, I'm sure you'll find answers to questions you have not even thought about yet.
$85? WOW The last time I paid $26 a ton delivered and spread and I had to take a full truck 16 ton. I would say that they must make one heck of alot on trucking/spreading? LOL
Do alot of co-ops around you rent the large hoppers with spreaders? I do have access to a 14 ton dump truck for around 40 bucks. Its the spreading that I think would kill me though, any ideas on doing it your self if I could get it hauled pretty cheap, or do you think it is better just to be done with it and have them bring it and do all the work in like 10 min. ?
Get some soil samples from your food plot and have it reviewed, if it needs lime call your local grain elevator or seed company. Like Gaylord feed and grain and they can help with finding a company to spread lime..Might be something in west Branch or try a limestone mine in alpena, this where they get the Lime. They just have it in powder form. 8 tons spread shouldn't be more the $230.
I have similiar soil and plant 8-10lbs/acre Dwarf Essex rape, get it from Country feed supply off of 33north of mio.left on Kittle..1 mile.I would add some turnips about 5 lbs/acre.fertilize 19-19-19 250 lbs/acre... Plant end of july or 1st week of august.. You will see the difference once the frost comes, they will hammer it.
Ed's book is good, I'm just trying to keep it simple and I'm just north of you..I plant whitetail clover, rape, turnips, whitetail powerplant with corn,beans, and sunflowers. all work well. But the Rape/turnips combo is awesome and so easy.
Letmgro, Luv2huteup, bobs, brokenarrow, and Alan Rygiel

Thanks for all the input. I'm new to this forum and could not be more happy to have found away to contact so many knowledgable people.

Thanks for waking me up Marco!
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