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Hi Guys...

I am looking for a fisherman to film for a project I am working on. I will be in the Higgins Lake area until mid July and am willing to travel north to the Au Sable for the right fisherman. This is a personal project and not a commercial venture. As such, there will be no pay. However...I will provide DVD's and .mov files for anyone that participates.

In short, I want to create a very visual short film focusing on fly fishing on the Au Sable. I need a subject to film. I am not interested in secret fishing holes or anything like that, but rather an honest person that is willing to let me film them fish the beautiful holy waters (or thereabout.) In addition, I am also looking for compelling personal stories to fill in with the visuals of fishing. This is an example of the kind of look that I will be going for:


Here are some examples of my recent work:


Also...here is a thread I started earlier this year on the Waterfowl Forum. It will include examples of my photography:


In order for this to work, the subject must be camera friendly and willing to repeat some actions (sorry folks...that's how this film stuff works.) My goal is to blend into the background and not interrupt any fishing but sometimes I might have to ask "could you do that again." I am also looking for someone with experience (they should look comfortable casting.)

Please PM me if you have any questions or an interest in being filmmed.

Thank you for your time.

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