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Fluorocarbon tippet?

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Is 2x fluorocarbon umpqua similar strength to 2x regular or does the scale refer more to diameter? I like to fish for steelhead and salmon with 1x, 2x or 3x regular line. When I switch to fluorocarbon should I buy the same sizes or go smaller and buy 3x, 4x and 5x to get the same strength but less visibility and smaller diameters?
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The "X" scale does refer to line diameter. 0X is .011" diameter, so 1X is .010", 2X is .009" and so on. As far as which diameter I go with is about the same as when I used mono. For most of my steelheading, it is 2X stuff. If you go to the lighter stuff, let's say 4X or so, then it can't hurt (except in the wallet) to go with a stronger lb test to diameter flouro like Grand Max.
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