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Sitting in the airport waiting for a delayed flight, so I figured I’ll post a report if anyone is heading that way.
We started in Tavernier/Islamorada area, stayed on the water, on the bay side in a nice little air b+b place owned by a fishing guide. Casting from the dock was nonstop action for decent mangrove snappers, small barracuda, other little fish I never identified. Gulp minnows were like crack to these things. I rented a kayak(it was delivered to the house) while my wife SUP-ed and layed in the sun, we did some exploring on the cuts. The wind was hellacious most of the time. So I spent most of my time pitching near docks and boats. I did get a very nice snook, and lost something quite large that I never saw. I Did a half day with a guide for specked trout, and got into fish right away with a popping corks and gulp shrimp. But the wind ended up kicking our butts, and despite our efforts we couldn’t pull anything out of the mangroves, while hiding from the wind. I did try bridge fishing on the way back from Key West, but the amount of debris coming through was horrible, and the water was literally milky looking it was so stirred up.
We then headed to Everglade city and took a private guided kayak trip through the state park. It was a more of an eco based tour, but I took a rod along. I ended up putting the smack down a decent amount of snook, one being quite nice. Maybe 27”+ and fat. They were suckers for the shadow shad rap, perch pattern. I was bummed we didn’t run into any baby tarpon, but I caught a lot fish without trying too hard. We drank plenty, ate phenomenal seafood, and it didn’t rain a bit. All in all it was a great trip my awesome wife got me for my 40th.
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