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Float fishing for Steelhead

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I have a question for you experienced float fishermen.
How do you guys weight your rig? Do you use BB shot spaced down your line or do you use a tag with heavier weight? Also, do you use slip floats or weighted floats with rubber tubing?
I think I prefer the weighted floats with tubing, however I can see some advantages to slip floats.
I'm looking for a little help fine tuning my presentation
Any help would be appreciated

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I am fairly new to float fishing for steelies myself, but have been working at for 2yrs. I just use bobber with a peice of rubber (not weighted). If it has a spring, I take that off and replace with a peice of rubber. I either put a couple splitshot's above my swivel, or I will make a little tag and put them their. I was playing around this past fall with the Thill Ice-N-Fly. I was using those on my spinning and worked pretty good. Not as hard to throw, but small than a standard bobber, so keep your eye's on it.

I will watch this thread to see if I also can pick up a few tip's and trick's :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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