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the number of stumps I hit with the trolling motor the first day.


Fishing was hot with us limiting out each day. Witch made for some pretty wild fish frys at night. The panfish guys were getting skunked and our pike wrecking crew ended up feeding everybody. We went during the week and there was only a few campers with us. We were the only guys I seen that were targeting Bass and Pike.

Day one the fish were very aggresive with a cold front pushing its way toward us. Alot of fish were lost with us tring to get our sealegs and feel for what the fish wanted to see to commit themselves to eating it. Lots a miss strikes and fish coming off at boat side. Almost every cast got V-wakes heading to it. Bass, Bowfins, and Pike were mighty hungry...Lures of the day: Snagless Sallys, Mepps weedless spinners and Spinnerbaits, White and Perch colors worked best. That nights cleaning fest reveiled that every fish had 4 to 6 inch perch in their bellies...

Day two saw the same hot ation in the morning, around 9ish I got a feeling to get off the lake and good thing we did. As soon as we got everything out of the boat the skies opened up and a nasty Thunderstorm had its way with the area. Hail, severe lighting, and a funnel cloud made for a hairy lunch. things blew over about 4ish and everybody that got stuck out in it made their way back, had to feel for those poor souls stuck out there on those open top pontoons..Severe weather was still in the area but we didn't spot any lighting for hours so we went back out for a couple of hours before sunset and found that all the storm did was make the fish even meaner...Lures of the day: Heavly Modified Snagless Sallys' (I'll fill you in a little bit later about those) when the clouds were out, Thundersticks jerked around cover when the sun poked through...Once agian white and perch colors...

Day three (final day), The sun was bright and the fish where no longr hitting anything that fell in the water. The morning bite was good but it slowed as the weater started to turn hot on us...Jerking Thundersticks still worked good and Trolling Silver Minnows provided a lot of entertainment during the hottest part of the day. The evening bite was nothing short of spetacular with fish hooking up on almost every cast, the key was letting the bait drop next to cover. Something would come out and smack it.

Over all it was one of the best trips I can remember. Nothing trophy wise came out, big fish were a 15lb bowfin, 9lb Pike and a 5lb bass..But action was non-stop and put the gear to the test..

Down at Holloway Res. it was the exact opposite. I think that body of water is suffering from a severe overpopulation of baitfish (shad). Lots of catfish, but no gamefish. I thought the graph was marking a thermocline for awile untill I noticed that it was floating around, IT WAS ALL BAIT!!

Lake Neppising has been ruined by the so called lake owners association, they killed off all the weedbeds and did away with the ski lanes so its like tring to play chess at a NASCAR race..We still pulled 2 Pike and a Bass out of her but its a far cry from what it used to be...

So Vacation was a hoot, Had a big buck in velvet walk up on me while I was fishing for bait in our creek behind our house. Got me thinking about returning in October to dust off the old Darton...

Gee I miss being home...

Crash's Modified Snagless Sally (Hooker Helen):

First, Add a second skirt under the one already there, white on white or add a red skirt to the green and yellow one (can you say tasty pearch?). This gives it more bulk and helps it glide over weedbeds.

Next add a treble hook trailer with the single hook down to help avoid snags.

Now for the kicker,I stole this from a picture of a Harrasser that had them, A small Double curly tail on each of the hooks of the treble. Color to match. This makes the bait fall so slowly on pauses that I don't know of anything that wouldn't take a wack at it. This Bait was my main producer up there.

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