For those that responded here is the info:

Long ago I realized having new line on my reel was key for fishing. I change mine out constantly however it’s a pain. Some trips especially Canada I take around 10-12 rods with me. I’d spend hours and hours taking line off and putting it back on. So I drew up a prototype and with some help from family and friends I developed “your reel pal” this takes line off in seconds, creates no mess, and puts line back on. It’s also sized for 1500 yard spools for storage.

Gen 1 you will need your own dedicated 3/8’s socket adaptor(around $2.00) varied in colors(black/grey). limited stock available.

Gen 2 has it own bit built in, and comes in white. Many in stock and can build many more.

This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves to fish! These all all hand made by myself and my kids.

Message me to place an order. 35.00 each with free shipping. PayPal accepted. Discounts on multiple units.

Thank you! Merry Christmas, and tight lines!