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'Sup everybody? Long time no chat with. I have a bit of a situation that's been itching me more and more the more and more I think about it and I want to scratch that itch more sooner then later.
When I was a teenager in the early '90s, my family and I pretty much toured the state one summer, and did some dropping of lines here and there. Living in extreme southeast Michigan we weren't real familiar with certain places and went to certain spots for the fun of it. We stopped in Coldwater, hung out later along Lake Michigan near New Buffalo, and spent a night or two in the Higgins Lake/Houghton Lake area.
The day or two we were in Coldwater really brings the itch to the surface, and why I'm posting here and now. I want to say it was Coldwater Lake, but I'm not completely positive because it has been in the neighborhood of 20 years and we weren't from the area, so all I know it could've been another lake in the area. It was right off the main road that goes through town (12 I assume), at a park, and there were fishing piers there much like you would see at say Sterling State Park in Monroe, for example.
The help I ask is this: What would the name of the park be and does Coldwater Lake actually lie on or near the main road or would I maybe referring to another lake? The pier wasn't a long and narrow pier, but like a box with vertical bars to lean your pole up against. I honestly can't remember if the pier was wood or perhaps metal-it's simply been too long to remember.
One thing that may be of note and the one thing I remember and the one reason I want to visit the spot again, while on the above mentioned pier we saw a HUGE fish swim by along the pier. It was during the summer months, August if memory serves me right, but this fish was wide and long. I wasn't as up on fish species as I am now, but it was torpedo shaped and could've been a northern pike or a muskie (if muskie occupy that particular body of water).
I hope I'm not being too vague on some things or writing too much. I hope someone can help me, and any help would be appreciated.
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