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Fishing Bay De Noc

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Some friends and I would like to fish Big or Little Bay de Noc for Walleye this winter. It will be a first, so I would greatly welcome any and all tips as far as techniques, locations, and even places to stay! Thanks in advance, fellow fishermen (and women).
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Try www.baysdenoc.com they have hotels fishing reports and guides! I will be taking my first trip upthere at the end of Feb. with my son...we are using HawgHeaven guide service! Mark runs it and seems very knowledgable about the area!
Sal-Mar Resort they have heated shantys and are also helpful over the phone, with any questions you may have. We've done our best staying away from the crowds.
Here is another site
I have fished with Marty on the soft water, and he is pretty good about showing you HOW to catch fish.
There is a preety active forum devoted to the bays.
I am not trying to advertise here. But this guy is a friend of mine that I have known for a few years. Good thing I am not on his bad side since the big fella is a prison guard at Alger. He is a very honest person that will not steer you wrong.


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The baysdenoc web site mentioned above is a great place to start. All the resorts and motels listed are all geared towards fishermen and have fish cleaning and storeage. There's also a good fishing reports section. As far as times to come up, you can run into walleyes all season long. I'd recommend the last half of February. Usually good ice all over the bay. You can normally drive just about anywhere with a full sized 4x4 truck and the bite is typically at it's peak. The season closes up here at the end of the month. If you set up on the base of one of the drop-offs in say 20 to 40 feet of water, you have a real good shot at running into some 'eyes. Most guys jig with swim baits (Raps or Nils Masters,) or spoons (Swedish Pimples, Buckshots, Hopkins,) tipped with a minnow. Tip-ups with 3 to 4 inch shiners and 3 to 8 inch suckers catch a lot of fish too. Like SKUNK said, getting away from the crowds can be key. There are miles and miles of steep drop-offs in the bay. You shouldn't have a problem finding a quiet spot to fish by yourselves. Good luck.
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