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Fish Hawk w/bluetooth

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I'm thinking about adding a fish hawk to my set up during this off season. For those of you who own one or are familiar with them, are they worth the money?

Is there a market for used Fish Hawks?

A friend just added one to his set up last Spring and highly recommends the one with bluetooth. Is the bluetooth really that important?


This is how I cope with cabin fever...
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It depends on how your boat is set up. I have the Bluetooth but rarely use it because I can see the display just fine from the back of the boat. I rarely use the bluetooth
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I couldn't resist. I stopped by a local shop and brought one home. The bluetooth sounds pretty great for logging every trip. Now I just have to wait a couple months to try it out.
Come on Spring!!!
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A Fish Hawk is one of the most useful pieces of fishing gear on my boat. Mine isn't bluetooth so I can't comment on that feature. The transducer, receiver and display unit all work very well. The display unit could use a refresh of its design. While it works very well, it seems to be from the 1990s in terms of appearance. I mounted the display unit at the helm, next to the chartplotter. My boat is 17' feet, so not big. I can run the rods and navigate the boat from the captain's chair. Some guys put the Fish Hawk display on the gunwale near the downrigger.

Boat speed from the Fish Hawk is not useful IMO, at trolling speeds. I have never trusted paddle wheel or pitot tube speed measurement at low speeds. I use GPS for this, if it is relevant at all. Regarding speed, the fish don't care about the boat; they care about the depth, speed and direction of the lure relative to the current.
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