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Fish Hawk TD

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As many of you know I fish the big water out of a solo canoe. I also know the importance of water temperature. It’s coming into staging time, and we know salmon can be caught out of temp, but we also know and recent reports seem to indicate how lethargic salmon out of temp can be.
All I need is an extra rod with a heavy weight to get accurate temps. As a bonus feature I can also get maximum depth. It could help me figure out my diving lure lead cores better. All that for $150 not bad
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Fish hawk has good customer service. Just call or email them about a malfunctioning TD. I thought my battery was dead after 4 years, they said send it in and they will replace it. However they said my battery was good but pressure sensor bad. Long story short, they shipped me new one for $50. Even if the unit is dead past the warranty, send it in plus $85 and you get a new one. (Better deal than $150). Fyi, the battery icon when you first power on reads reverse of what is normal. So an empty battery icon is good, shaded full icon is bad.
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