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Hey all,

Gonna give it a go with some fellas from work this year. We are putting in for the last hunt in Baraga. I am gonna take my bow and get a bow kill for my first bear, but will be bringing my muzzleloader if I run short of time and have a bear that wont come in close enough. I really could use any advice or ideas. We will be hunting over established baits and taking over the baiting when we get there. I could use some tips on different baits, possible times to run the baits, and what I could expect from my first bear hunt. The fellas are pretty seasoned and have been giving me alot to think about, but I would not mind some more things to think about. Thanx everyone.

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soggybtmboys said:
... I could use some tips on different baits..... I would not mind some more things to think about....
OK I'll throw my 2 cents worth in:
  • Donuts
  • Think about scent control
  • Think about shot placement
Donuts are self explanatory

Scent is of the utmost importance when hunting bears, even with firearms. Scent free shampoo/soap/deodorant along with scentlok clothing and Always playing the wind are recommended.

Here's a great resource for shot placement:


That should get you started :cool: Good Luck
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