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First U.P. Fawn of the Year - June 5th

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Wasn't able to get a photo of it as it chased Mom up the trail in front of me but it was nice to finally see one. Actually, it was fairly big and was almost keeping up with Mom so it wasn't a newborn. Will have to check trail cameras for any recent photos.

Post up you photos if you have any...
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In 2 weeks I'll get my mobile cams up and running. Found this guy laying in middle of plot
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Cool pics guys!!! I need to get my Tactacam out.
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I saw my first one with Mom today. Wasn't able to get a picture but nice to see.
Seen my first June 4th on my way to work nursing on its mom. Didnt look like a new born.
I took this picture on my way home from our cabin on 5/16/21. The fawn could only get its hind legs up at this point. I took a couple pictures through my binoculars and got out because mom didnt seem to happy that I was watching.
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Then unfortunately I got this picture on my trail cam on 5/25/21
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Predators seem to always get their share of them don't they... :(
Hate to see that or
Predators seem to always get their share of them don't they... :(
l hare to see any deer get killed by wolves or cars.The more I use my cams and get all the pics the less I feel like shooting them.I think pretty soon I will quit shooting and buy a real good hand held camera and just sit in my blinds and take pics and videos of the animals
My youngest son took out a coyote 3 weeks ago. Told him he saved several fawns.
Saw a spindly one chasing its momma on Saturday June 5 from the truck, looked like a recent born fawn. Have had a few on camera, one set of twins, as well as a couple night hunting 'yotes I would love to dispatch.
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Was riding a m/c from the storage barn to the training range at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor about noon on Sunday when I passed a spotted fawn feeding in the cut grass in the large traffic island in front of the Morris Lawrence building. It ran into some shrubs on one side of the traffic island. Could have circled the island and spooked it out into the open but it seemed better to let it hide. Didn't see mama but she must have been nearby. Fun to see the little ones.

Forgot to reset the camera date this spring. Late May is my best guess. Lots of pictures of these two on the rye plot.
Pulled a few camera cards on the south end yesterday...

This collared doe had a fawn last year also but it didn't last a week before it disappeared.
I got photos of her and the fawn 3 days in a row. I got a few more pics of the doe after June 7th but she didn't have the fawn in those pics...




Unfortunately, I got more pics of coyotes - both day time and night time, than I got of fawns.





Also got pics of a couple other fawn eaters...



It doesn't look like we have much of a fawn crop this year from what I have seen (or haven't seen). Will pull some cards from the north end cameras soon and see what we have up there.
You need a good trapper for those yotes. My good friend Jerry takes around 16 of my UP property every year. He is in your county , but closer to Ralph and Felch. Really helped my fawns survival before I moved most of my Michigan deer hunting to Rose City. Private message me if you have any interest in connecting with him.
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