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First Turkey

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I must say I'm an avid deer hunter, but this turkey hunting is a rush. I was sitting were two fields and two wood lots come together. I was set up and at 5:15 this morning. At 5:45 four toms started gobbling from the roost off in the distance. At 6:15 I yelped a little just to let them know where I was at. Then I waited. At about 6:45 I had a tom in the field to the east of me, I called to him, and managed to have a hen come in. The tom came in the ajoining woodlot and took the hen with him. It was pretty quiet until 9:00. I had three toms come out into the field to the north about 70yrds out. I yepled a little and every time I did the boss tom would start to strut, the others would just keep milling around. The boss tom would eventually continue to mill around. This went on for a while I would either soft yelp or purr and he would start to strut, but then go back to milling around never coming any closer. Finally I decided to quit talking to them and see what they would do. Boy did things change, one of the subordiate toms drift to the wood line and started to come in. Well, the boss tom would have nothing to do with it. He made his way over to the wood line and had to get in front of the other tom. He came in looking for that hen that had quit talking to him. He was about 45 yrds out and was stretching for all he's worth looking for her. He even drummed a couple of times. He would strut awhile and then look around, then strut some more. He finally made it into range where I could shoot and at about 35 yrds while he was stretched out looking for that hen I dropped him in his tracks. I found it curious that not once did he ever gobble. Talk about a rush. :)
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Congrats on your first.

Sometimes they gobble and sometimes they don't.
Congrats on a nice first bird.
Pretty cool ain't it. :coolgleam
Congrats !
You'll never forget that one! congrats.
Now you are really hooked!

Thanks, and yes it is pretty cool, and no I won't forget it. My only regret is my son had originally planned on coming with me, but he had a baseball game rescheduled for that day and couldn't miss school. It would have been better if he could have gotten it.
congrats Jim.
I wish I would have known you were off friday to hunt. i also took Friday off. Sounds like you needed another gun.
I am disappointed that I find out from your wife last night. I can't believe you didn't call.

Good job anyway. I knew you had a great place to hunt and given enough time you would score. Bens season is now on, it sounds like I may need to head over there with him sometime. I'll give them a call.

Oh by the way.... I got skunked. to long of a story to go into it here, we'll talk soon.

If you need help with the tail mount let me know I've done a few.
Very nice, congratulations!
Thanks all,
Troy, should have touched base we could have hooked up, would have been real easy to have a double that morning. I have more picks to see, I'll catch up with you sometime. If you or Rich need any help calling (now that I'm an expert) I'd be willing to help out.
Congratulations and welcome to the addiction!

I'll Try This

I thinnk I'm getting this :)

9" Beard
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