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First time

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Got out on the ice this evening for the first time....ever!

I drilled about 5 holes in 6-12ft of water around some weed beds. I am addicted now and the funny thing is I didn't catch a thing!
I have got to find some gills and crappie in the lake across the street so I can go several times a week.

I know it's late in the season but this is the first opportunity I got. I'll be out again as soon as I can that's for sure.
Only a 10 minute walk and I'm in the middle of the lake!

Now all I have to do is find fish.......without the locator :(
Hmmmmm..this should be fun!

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Funny how sitting out in the cold can be so much fun. Late in the winter you might try deeper water due to oxygen levels. When and if you get some kind of electronics you'll wonder how you ever got by with out.
hodge, check your email............
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