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Took an acquaintance of mine from the local conservation club out two days ago to show him some likely areas to make some winter sets.

He's recently retired from the Lansing GM plant that is now closed, moved up here last year. He did a lot of trapping as a kid, mostly muskrats, but hasn't had any time to get back to it for years, so he was happy to have me show him some spots for mink, otter, and beaver.

Found a slide that looked like it had been used recently (hard to tell with all the snow we've had this week), and had him set a 220, which was the largest coni he had, in the stream in front of the trail.

I honestly didn't think it would work, despite piling some brush around the set and placing two sticks as channelers, you could see that set in the water pretty clearly.

But it did-and it didn't even take 24 hours. Yesterday morning Stan had caught his first otter-talk about beginner's luck!

Now, if we'll only have that much luck with the bobcat set we've got out...

We pulled the otter set until I have time to pick up a furbearer's license, then we'll go back to that area-lots of otter sign in there yesterday morning.

Great to see a former trapper get back to it when he once thought he probably never would...the smile on his face was worth a million bucks.

I found some batteries for my digital camera, and should be able to post some photos later today.

Congrats, Stan!
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