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First Muzzeloader deer

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Got my first deer with a muzzy this afternoon. My friend my uncle, and I decided to drive a swail. I sat on one side of the cattails. Ans sure enough deer started popping out. After seeung about 8 little ones..and one at 5 yds, big momma popped out and stopped giving me a 50yd shot. I knew i hit her as she bulldozed through the cattails. Crossed a crick bottom into more cattails, moving very slowly due to the shot. We entered the cattails she jumped up, well stumbled up... into an opening where my uncle blasted her...then with her suffering from my uncles lung shot, she tried to get up but my friend shattered her neck vertabre with the finishing touch. As it turns out my bullet blasted through both shouders barely clipping a lung, so she was a dead deer walking, but better to put them out as wuickly as possible. So thats the story of my first muzzy deer. Sorry didn't take pics. This is the third doe of the year for me. No bucks but oh well...guess i still have a little bow season left. We estimated her weight at 140lbs field dressed.
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