I have (3) Pair of First Lite Obsidian Merino Pants for sale. They are in the Conifer, Dry Earth & Ash Grey color patterns.
As many have experienced, there are varying degrees of wear/tear in the crotch region of these pants (VERY common occurrence.
Ash Grey - Has a hole as well as some piling
Conifer - There is some piling. Of note: This pair of pants is a replacement from the original pair I sent back for warranty
Dry Earth - No hole of Piling, however, I did catch a stick in the shin and there is a 4.5"x3" opening in the leg that one could sew back up (I don't have those skills)
Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with them. I am selling these because I just don't wear them. Hopefully someone on here can get some us out of them this hunting season.
Before anyone asks, I am selling this as a complete group, and not splitting up.

Price: $300.00 TYD (CONUS) via PayPal F&F.