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I have a nice fireplace screen that is like new and I have no use for it. It is 44" wide, 33" high, and 6" deep. I bought it when we lived in our previous home. We had a gas direct vent fireplace but when we had our son I was concerned about him getting too close to the glass and getting burned. It did the job. I took it with us when we moved but now we have a wood burning fireplace that has a nice glass screen and a raised hearth so the screen isn't necessary. It's probably going in the garage sale pile in the basement but I thought I'd see if anyone here might be in need of it. Let me know if you're interested, I can post a photo if needed.




I bought it through Plow and Hearth. They list a small, medium, and large size. But now they state that the medium is not available but this one is the medium size. Looks like it would be about $130 new. I think that is about what I paid for it but I'll let it go for much less than that. Here's a link to their web site with a pic.

Plow and Hearth fireplace screens
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