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Well, I ended up waiting for my bud to come over, and we went out tracking for about 3 hours through some thick undergrowth. About 10 we finally got back on the trail where she crossed the road, and found her;lying down, but still alive. So, we decided to wait till morning, and I'd see what was up with her. Yesterday, friend calls (wakes me up), says that he has to drive by anyway getting a truck fixed after salting. He gets to the house, we go to where we saw her the night before, and there she was. Drug her out and gutted her, then took her to the processor:D

Shot her kind of high, so there wasn't much blood, except when she would lay down, and it didn't help that there were so many deer tracks in that field (they were EVERYWHERE), but you gotta love the snow. Oddly enough, she ran almost the exact same path as a buck that my friend shot out of that same field a few years ago (last time it was hunted).

Sorry fellas, I didn't get any pics, but here are some of my buck from last year on the same property. My first buck, and I got it with my bow

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